Earned Wage Access

Employees can access up to $500 of already earned wages instantly. Funds are transferred to the employee's bank or card or are picked as cash from a Walmart Money Center. In addition, earned wages can be used to access Uber, Amazon, or Pay Bills directly from the PayActiv app. This has major implications for employees and employers, as on average, financially stressed employees take an extra four sick days each year and financially stressed employees lose an average of 6.9 hours a week of productive time at work as a result of stress-related "presenteeism". With the availability of PayActiv and without day to day money stress on their minds, employees report being able to focus on their jobs, increasing company revenue via higher productivity and better customer service.

We Advance the Cash

  • PayActiv advances the cash to employees so no change is required to the cash flow of your business.
  • The money taken by employees using PayActiv is deducted from upcoming paychecks when payroll is processed—just like any other deduction. There is no change to payroll and associated taxes.

Transfer to any Bank or Card

  • Users can transfer funds to their bank or card.
  • No change is required to their banking information.
  • Instant transfer to the PayActiv prepaid card.

Access for the Underbanked and Underserved

  • Use Uber anytime from the PayActiv app, no credit cards or Uber account is required.
  • Load funds on an Amazon gift card, no additional cost.
  • Pick as cash from the nearest Walmart Money Center.
  • User can pay bills directly from the PayActiv App.

Intelligent Budgeting and Savings

Empower your employees on their journey to financial wellness with an award-winning budgeting and savings tool.

Uses Behavioral Conditioning

  • PayActiv uses a unique approach to help users save, for instance, if you make $10/hr you can set a goal of saving $400 for an emergency fund by saving one hour a day for 40 days.

Goal-based Budgeting

  • Employees can create custom categories and allocate funds for major expenses and track daily savings progress from their app.

Saving as You Earn

  • The amount set for savings is moved to the savings account at every pay period.

Incentivized Savings

  • Employers can match up to a certain percentage of the amount saved by their employees or employers can offer higher interest rates on savings by subsidizing the interest cost.

Financial Counseling and Financial Learning

Unlimited access to appointment based 1-1 counseling with trained financial coaches. Users can also access free self-paced financial learning recourse integrated through the mobile app and website to help make informed financial choices.

Rx Discounts

Simply enter your zip code and find prescription drug discounts for local pharmacies. All you have to do is show the PayActiv app at the checkout register.

Rich and In-depth Employer Portal

A rich backend provides components for HR to create the ideal workplace environment for engagement, retention, and recruitment.

Analytics & Reports

  • Get adoption and impact reports for your business.


  • Send and track notifications to employees, such as training materials.

Rewards Program

  • Use our cash rewards program for employee recognition.

Scalable Solution

Over 1000 businesses at 20,000+ locations offer PayActiv benefit to their employees. Works with all HR/HCM/payroll systems.

Designed for all Businesses

  • Fully configurable
  • Meets the highest security and compliance standards
  • Supports multiple locations
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere, from a phone app or web interface
  • Multiple language support available
  • Add-on features available for employee motivation and communication
  • No integrations needed, leverages existing systems, can be rolled out within 48 hours

Walmart Direct2Cash

PayActiv users can now pick up their earned wages in cash at Walmart stores. Select the amount of cash and locate the nearest Walmart from the PayActiv app.


Encourage staff members to pick up extra shifts—even late-night and holiday shifts—with access to pay the next day in their bank, debit, or prepaid card, at no cost to your employees. Managers can select the shift that they want to sponsor with TimelyPay and PayActiv will do the rest of the processing—Employees can access up to 65% of the earned wages for sponsored shifts, PayActiv fronts the money to the employees and gets reimbursed by the employers on payday.


The PayActiv TimelyTips & Mileage service makes income from gratuity and/or miles driven accessible faster and easier for employees. It is ideal for servers, drivers, and other customer service positions. PayActiv automatically handles the calculation of tips and disburses them directly to an employee’s card or bank account. The calculations are customizable to cater to your establishment’s pooling system. Best of all, you can eliminate the need to keep large amounts of cash on hand and rest easy with a 2-day cash float.

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